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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When can I move in?

A. Immediately after signing the contract and consigning the deposit (once the complex is ready).

Q2. How much is the deposit?

A. A deposit must be paid for one month's rent. Pet owners - two months' rent.

Q3. When is the first rent due?

A. You will receive a rental invoice for the first month after the apartment has been handed over.

Q4. How can I order additional services?

A. You can order immediately when signing the contract or later through the mobile app.

Q5. Can I register my place of residence in a rental home?

A. Yes. You must submit your accommodation service contract/rental agreement to:

Q6. Is there video surveillance in the complex?

A. Yes, video surveillance is at the main entrance and in the parking lot.

Q7. Where can I leave the bike and the baby carriage/stroller?

A. We have a separate bike room on the 1-floor and a stroller room on the 2-floor. A place can be ordered there when signing the contract or later via the mobile app.

Q8. Where can I charge my electric scooter?

A. In the bike parking lot.

Q9. Do I have a mailbox?

A. Yes, mailboxes are available outside the complex at the main entrance.

Q10. What do you mean, a smart key?

A. This means that you do not have a key to open the apartment and external doors, instead you can access doors either by using your code, card or the mobile app.

Q11. Do any doors open with a key?

A. Yes, the doors to the storage and mailboxes open with a key.

Q12. Is there a washing machine in my apartment?

A. Yes, all apartments have a washing machine.

Q13. Does my apartment have kitchen furniture with appliances?

A. Yes, all apartments have furniture with appliances including a dishwasher.

Q14. Are utility bills fixed?

A. Water and electricity is charged monthly according to your own consumption, and the remaining utilities are fixed at 2.3€/m2.