Basic conditions of the lease contract


Dear Customer, please read the essential terms and conditions of the lease contract (hereafter the Contract) before submitting your application. If you have any questions or special requests, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] or call +372-520-2202.

1. Term of the Contract: As a general rule, we conclude fixed-term contracts for the use of apartments.

A fixed-term contract is valid for one year and then becomes indefinite. This means that after the one-year period, a party can terminate the Contract at any time (ordinary cancellation) by giving a 3 months’ notice to the other party.

2. Subletting: Subletting an apartment and other premises (e.g. the storage room, parking space) is not permitted without the Lessor’s consent.

3. Rent: When apartments are used as a dwelling, VAT is not included or added to the rent. Rent for a parking spot, storage room, and bicycle parking spot includes VAT.

4. Ancillary costs: Ancillary costs are distributed in proportion to the area of the apartment and are supplemented by fees for water and electricity consumed in the apartment according to the tariffs of the service providers.

5. Transfer of possession: The time of transfer of the object of the Contract will be agreed upon the signing of the Contract. The object of the Contract will be handed over to the person who has entered into the Contract.

6. Residents: All the persons who will share the apartment with the Lessee must be specified in the Contract.

7. Pets: All pets living in the apartment must be specified in the Contract. In the case of taking a pet after the Contract has been signed, it must be coordinated with the Lessor in advance, including paying an additional deposit.

8. Deposit: The deposit amount is one month’s rent and it is paid after the Contract is signed, but before the apartment is handed over. The Lessor has the right to refuse to hand over the apartment if the deposit has not been paid. A Lessee with a pet pays a deposit of two months’ rent. We strongly recommend pet owners take out pet insurance. A guarantee from a person accepted by the Lessor is also accepted as a security.

9. Brokerage fee: No brokerage fee will be added.

10. Conclusion of the Contract: The Lessor is EfTEN K141 OÜ and contracts can only be signed directly through the Lessor’s website:

11. House Rules: Before signing the contract, the Lessee must read the House Rules and follow them during the term of the Contract.

12. Background check: Once the application has been received and before the Contract is signed, all tenants will be subject to a background check to assess their solvency. The Lessor has the right to ask further questions from the Lessee. The Lessor has the right to refuse to conclude the Contract. For the background check, we ask the person signing the Contract to provide a copy of their identity document (a photo of the document can be taken with a phone), as well as information on their place of work and net income.

14. Privacy policy. Personal data is processed in accordance with the “Privacy Policy“, available on the website ( and in connection with the use of the Bidrento platform in accordance with the data processing terms of Bidrent OÜ available on the website

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