House rules



I General

1.1. The users of apartments and commercial premises (lessees and their family members, users of accommodation services, lessees of commercial premises and their employees, co-workers, etc.) of the apartment building with commercial premises located at 141 Kadaka tee in Tallinn (hereinafter the ‘Apartment Building’) must know that in the building where they live, use accommodation services and/or work, they must treat each other with consideration and kindness, and must take each other into account when using the apartment or commercial premises.

1.2. Management of the Apartment Building is based on contracts between the Owner (the accommodation provider / Lessor) and the companies providing the services (utilities, repairs, etc.), and on the other hand, contracts between the Owner (the Lessor / accommodation provider) and the customers (lessees / users of accommodation services; hereinafter the Customer). The details of the Owner of the property are published on the website

1.3. Users of the Apartment Building undertake to respect and comply with these House Rules, the public order rules established by the local government, and the Contract concluded with the Owner of the property. The Customer undertakes to inform other persons living with them or, in the case of a business premises, the employees, co-workers, of the House Rules in force and to ensure that these rules are complied with by the specified persons.

1.4. The Owner of the property has the right to close the Apartment Building or any part thereof for a period of time that is necessary to remedy damage caused by an emergency, fire or explosion, or if such a threat exists and the Owner deems it necessary after consultation with the police or other authorities, or if such authorities directly request it. Customers of the Apartment Building are not entitled to claim any reimbursement from the Owner of the property in relation to the above.

II The Customer is required to:

2.1. use the apartment and/or business premises in an appropriate manner, including complying with the maintenance rules and instructions for the technical and electrical equipment in the apartment / business premises and keeping them in good order. Removal of furnishings or fittings from apartments, commercial premises, other than those belonging to the Customer, is not permitted;

2.2. maintain the apartment they occupy, including any balconies and/or storerooms and/or terraces (if any). Balconies and terraces must be cleared of snow during the winter. The Customer has the right to order cleaning services from the Owner of the property, if they wish, pursuant to the current price list.

2.3. use water, electricity and heating in a sustainable and responsible way;

2.4. dry laundry in the apartment they are using. At that, drying laundry on the balcony is only allowed if laundry is placed below the balcony rail;

2.5. ensure the supervision and safety of minors, including ensuring that children are accompanied by an adult on the terrace of the Apartment Building;

2.6. close windows, water taps and turn off electrical appliances when leaving the apartment;

2.7. close and properly lock the exterior doors of the Apartment Building, the doors to the apartment / commercial premises used by the Customer, and not allow any unauthorised persons into the Apartment Building;

2.8. keep the common areas of the Apartment Building clean and tidy (including stairwells, basement, terraces), not throw rubbish on the ground and not damage the technical and other equipment of the Apartment Building;

2.9. report any change in the number of occupants in the apartment within 3 (three) days of the change;

2.10. inform the Owner of the property of their intention to leave the apartment for an extended period of time and provide contact persons to ensure access to the apartment in the case of a possible emergency;

2.11. coordinate with the Owner of the property prior to taking in a pet, if this was not agreed at the time of the concluding the lease or accommodation service contract;

2.12. sort rubbish and place household waste properly in the bin, including ensuring that rubbish does not fall outside the bin and does not litter the property or the area around the bin. At that, the Customer is obligated to take waste that does not belong to the category of municipal waste (e.g., old furniture, moving boxes, hazardous waste, etc.) to a waste collection point or to arrange for the collection of such waste at their own expense;

2.13. allow a representative of the Owner of the property to enter the apartment to check the technical condition of plumbing and appliances and to carry out repairs;

2.14. park their vehicle only in the parking space designated by the Owner of the property. Parking is not allowed in green areas or on pavements or in a way that obstructs the movement of other persons. No parking for third parties is intended on the property on which the Apartment Building is located;

2.15. report any malfunctions and emergency situations in the apartment / commercial premises and/or the Apartment Building without delay to the Owner of the property (clause 1.2) and, if necessary, to the emergency call centre at phone number 112, while trying to take any possible measures to eliminate the malfunction or hazard;

2.16. comply with fire safety requirements. In the event of a fire, one must act in accordance with the fire emergency plan and immediately call 112;

2.17. follow the instructions of the Owner of the property, emergency services and the police when dealing with accidents, fires and other incidents;

2.18. immediately notify the Owner of the property of the need to change the locks or locking systems. Any alteration of locks or locking systems will only be carried out by the Owner of the property, at the expense of the party upon whose initiative or fault the alteration of the locks takes place;

2.19. ensure that the Customer’s activities do not lead to the overloading of the systems and structures of the Apartment Building and that their activities are carried out in accordance with the principles of energy-efficient management of the Apartment Building.

  III Customers are prohibited from:

3.1. making any noise that disturbs neighbours between 23:00 and 07:00 (e.g., loud noise from radio, TV or other equipment, loud instrument playing or singing, repairs, beating, jumping, use of noisy household appliances, etc.);

3.2. keeping air pollutants, flammable or explosive substances or objects in the apartment / commercial premises, including in storage rooms or on balconies or terraces;

3.3. keeping in the apartment any equipment or technology that generates vibrations and noise, radio and TV interference, toxic gases, dust harmful to the environment and the surroundings, harmful radiation, overloading of the electricity network, damage to the water supply, sewerage or central heating systems in excess of norms provided by law.

3.4. barbecuing with a standalone charcoal, gas or other grill in the apartment, including on the balcony, terrace, common areas of the Apartment Building and on the property on which the Apartment Building is located;

3.5. flushing or pouring toxic or flammable substances, as well as food waste and other objects or substances that cause blockages, down the drain;

3.6. leaving objects that impede movement in the common areas of the Apartment Building (e.g., stairwells and/or basement passageways), including blocking passageways leading to fire escape ladders and equipment, and to keep personal belongings (including bicycles, prams, toys) in common areas;

3.7. placing on the doors, windows or façade of the Apartment Building any object that affects the appearance of the Apartment Building or the common areas of the Apartment Building or that is visible from the outside of the Apartment Building, except with the prior written consent of the property owner;

3.8. throwing waste on the ground or otherwise litter the apartment / commercial premises, the common areas of the Apartment Building and the territory of the property on which the Apartment Building is located, including cleaning or beating carpets, floor coverings, bed linen, etc. in the stairwell or out of their balcony/window. Beating of carpets and other clothes is allowed in the yard area, except under the windows of the Apartment Building and in the area in front of the entrances;

3.9. using the elevator for transporting large and heavy objects (including bicycles, pallet jacks).

3.10. smoking and consuming alcohol on balconies and on the common areas and terraces of the Apartment Building, at entrances and in the yard area of the Apartment Building;

3.11. placing objects on the balcony, including flowerpots, that hang over balcony railings;

3.12. keeping pets, unless specifically agreed in the Contract;

3.13. allowing their vehicle’s engine to run for more than 2 minutes;

3.14. arbitrarily altering, modifying or damaging heating and ventilation systems, water and sewerage pipes and other technical installations. Any changes related to construction engineering must be agreed in advance in writing with the accommodation provider;

3.15. arbitrarily altering the exterior of the Apartment Building, incl. installation of TV and radio equipment, advertisements, etc. on balconies, roof or the façade.

3.16. staying in the technical rooms of the Apartment Building (heating room, water metering unit, ventilation room, telephone and data room, electrical switchboard room, gas boiler room) and on the roof (except terraces), unless this has been agreed in advance with the accommodation provider or is due to an emergency.

IV Liability

4.1. Damage caused to the Owner of the property or to other persons as a result of a breach of the House Rules shall be remedied by the offender.

4.2. Any damage to parts and structures of the Apartment Building, fences, as well as to technical systems belonging to the Apartment Building, caused by the fault of the user, shall be compensated by the offender, i.e., they shall be repaired at the expense of the offender.

4.3. Occupants of the Apartment Building who keep pets are responsible for the pets and for any contamination or damage caused by the pets to the apartment or other areas of the Apartment Building or to the territory of the property, and for damage caused by a breach of safety of other people, and the owner of the pets shall be liable for such damage.

4.4. The Owner of the property has the right to tow vehicles parked on the property without their permission or to have such vehicles towed. The owner of such a vehicle bears the costs of towing.

4.5. The Owner of the property is not responsible for the safekeeping of customers’ assets, including vehicles left in the car park. There is no manned surveillance in the communal areas of the building and the car park is an unguarded car park.

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