Why live in an EfTEN Living rental building?

EfTEN Living’s first rental building, at Kadaka tee 141, Tallinn is already going up.

Kadaka Forest is the largest forest park in Mustamäe, and EfTEN Living’s first rental building is located right on the edge of this forest. It is the perfect place to live for nature lovers who want to have all amenities – like sports clubs, dining, grocery shopping, and public transport – within walking distance from their home.

Home is most certainly an extremely important place in every person’s life. We all know that feeling of excitement in us when we are about to go travelling, and also what a warm and lovely feeling it is when we come back from the trip.

We know we are about to get home. Home is not just a place, it is the feeling we get when we think about it, when we arrive there and when we are there.

Where does the need for a rental home come from?

Reasons can be different: Going to study or work in another city. Selling your home and not finding a new (suitable) one yet, or needing a temporary home. Wanting to build your own home and needing a safe place for your family to live while you build it, or just wanting to be free of bank loans and live in a rented home.

At EfTEN Capital, we have thus far focused on commercial real estate and have been operating successfully in this segment for the last 13 years. When customers are looking for a home for their business it is common for them to rent rather than buy.

Based on the experience we have gathered, we also want to offer a safe living environment and a good, comfortable rental service in the residential segment. We hope that our lessees feel comfortable and safe in our building.

You can design your home in your own image and be sure that your dealings with the lessor are in order. They can make long term plans for their rental home in the knowledge that the lessor is not willing to sell their cherished home or move in there themselves.

In the interests of the convenience of our customers, we want invoicing to be simple and transparent, which is why we are developing a mobile app that will make it easy to manage all the information related to your home. You won’t have a traditional key in our house, you can instead unlock the front door with your mobile phone. If that doesn’t seem like a good option for you, you can also use a code or a card to open the doors. You can also use your mobile app to monitor the cameras at the main entrance, the bicycle parking structure and the car park, call the elevator and order additional services (parking space, storage space, bicycle parking or trolley parking).

EfTEN Living’s first rental building has 11 storeys, apartments have 1 to 4 rooms, and most of the apartments have a balcony or a terrace. Apartment rents range from EUR 330 to EUR 850 per month. The lessee can choose between renting for an indefinite or a fixed term, depending on their needs. The deposit will be 1 month’s rent (2 month’s rent for a tenant with a pet). As soon as you sign the contract and pay the deposit, you can move into your new home.

Thanks to the exceptionally large windows, the apartments have plenty of natural daylight. The interior finishes come in light tones, with a stylish herringbone floor, as well as with other modern interior solutions. All apartments have kitchen furniture with all the necessary appliances, luminaires and a washing machine. By way of exception, nine small 1-bedroom apartments and a demonstration apartment are fully furnished.

The building will be completed by the end of this year. Information about the apartments is already available today, if you are interested in learning more.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Annika Ole
Sales Manager/Project Manager of EfTEN Capital AS

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